The American Steam Railroad Preservation Association is holding a special event this September with the legend of steam himself: Ross Rowland! This event will be held at the Midwest Railway Preservation Society's ex-B&O roundhouse in Cleveland, OH and will benefit the ongoing restoration of Reading T1 no. 2100, a locomotive that Ross has played a part in.

While this event coincides with another steam locomotive event in the area, it will certainly be a trip you won't want to miss! Tickets are $99, and is discounted 10% for members.

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A message from a living legend, and quote from another steam legend! Those two men laid the groundwork for many restorations and subsequent excursions and we owe them a debt of gratitude!

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I once met Mr. Rowland when the Freedom Train was in Chattanooga on the night of its imminent departure. He was making the final preparations on the 2101, and performing lubrication chores. Struck me as an affable and knowledgeable chap and he let my buddy and me climb into the cab. It was pretty late in the evening when it left, and we found a bridge vantage point to view the departure. We then had to drive back to Nashville early the next morning, and were very tired, but it was worth it!

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I met him for the first time at the Freedom train reunion in Portland (standing in front 4449, no less). He was a very nice and patient man. A true giant in preservation. People like to take swipes at his failures, but he's had successes than anyone in the field.

I had the opportunity to ride with Mr. Rowland in the Cedar Rapids Skytop. It was an excursion pulled out of Owosso, MI pulled by NKP765 with Rich Melvin in the engineers seat.  Was some great conversation to be sure.

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