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Are you intending to use the off-the-shelf latching relay module from Azatrax (or the like)… or cobble together the latching function  using a multi-relay non-latching eBay relay module as shown in my diagram?  I may have misunderstood you previous response but I thought you were going with the Azatrax method.

The diagram I showed with ZWC and so on was just a cut-and-paste from the other thread with a similar but not quite the same trolley configuration.  That version required delay modules and so on.  Your application is simpler and does not require delay modules.  I can draw up a diagram for your specific trolley application.   So, 

1. Which latching relay method are you planning to use?

2. What is your power source/transformer?


Stan, are you Stan Roy who was featured in the McComas and Tuoy 6 video set, and who had the record for simultaneously running the most O Gauge trains (maybe 27)? 

I can't help but think that you are because of your knowledge about relays. Arnold


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Rich Melvin posted:

How about 73 trains at once?


Rich, 73 simultaneous trains may be the current record, but when the McComas & Tuoy 6 video set was made, maybe in the mid 1990s, it is my understanding that Stan Roy had the record with 20 something simultaneous trains, and Elliot of Entertrainment (BigBoy4005) was closing in on Stan's record. 

Do you agree?

If others wish to chime in on this subject, please do.


PS: I love that McComas and Tuoy 6 video set. In addition to Elliot and Stan Roy, the magnificent layouts of Phil Klopp and Bruce Manson were featured in the Pennsylvania Suite video, and there was marvelous variety, including the layouts and trains of  Ward Kimball (what a delightful man), the American Flyer trains and layout of the guy from Wisconsin (was he Brad Nelson?), the charming man (was his name Ralph Johnson?) whose friends helped him rebuild his layout after a fire, the man with very old trains he inherited them from his dear old friend, etc. 

It's been a long time since I last saw those videos, so I will play them again soon to refresh my memory, which will be a joy for me.

Corrections to my above post: Stan Roy ran 32 simultaneous trains. The DVD cover says the MComas & Tuoy series was originally released in 1987, but also says it was copyrighted in 2004. Maybe the DVD set came out in 2004.

Other notables in the video/DVD set were Chuck Brasher and Petruzzi (was his 1st name Frank?) who both ran Standard Gauge.


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Arnold, the other guy on volume six with me was Frank Petruzzo (sp), who has since passed away, quite a few years ago now. He was quite the standard gauge Blue Comet specialist. I recently heard a story from a friend of mine who knew Frank about one such Blue Comet adventure at a train show.

Regarding the dates on the videos, I believed Tom released one volume per year starting in 1987, and ending with volume six in 1993. The 2004 date is probably a re- copyright date when the series was re-released on DVD.

Arnold & Elliot, I loved those videos!

They were called "Toy Train Review" and the original plan was for  4 volumes a year...spring -summer-fall & winter and I believe there are a total of 11 or 12 .. originally released in VHS . I have them all and they have since been re-released on DVD. Many happy hours spent watching those videos.. stories on Madison Hardware... Making of The Hudson... tour of the archives and factory... and the the layouts!! Stuff of dreams...

Tom would come down to the DuPage show each month and set up a table in the building with the refreshment stand ...back in the corner by the stage. Soon after came the "l Love Toy Trains" series starring his son ...Jeffrey I believe. Tom and his sidekick Joe Stachler are still doing videos and released a new one just a few months ago... They also filmed my layout back in 2010 for a Lionel Christmas Video..

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Actually RD, there were two different series of videos that Tom did. Toy Train Review was the first one, but the one Arnold is talking about was called Great Toy Train Layouts, which came in green boxes.

It was the out takes from these that would give rise to the I Love Toy Trains series, which has been so successful. They amused Jeffrey so much, that he got the idea that he could put them together and sell it.

Good morning, I just remembered that there was also an excellent segment in the Great Toy Train Layouts set about Charles Dunham, Dunham Studios, and the great layouts they have built over the years. Arnold

It's Clark Dunham, and I think that was a partner segment with Doug DuBay, as Dunham built the layout which was on display at Doug's store in Des Moines. I was able to see that one in person. 

As long as we are talking about Dunham Studios creations, the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum was given a Dunham layout, by a private party who had commissioned it. Museum volunteers went out to California, opened a hole in the side of the house and removed the layout, then put the wall back. The layout has since been reworked, so it better fits the museum space.

You gotta hand it to Tom, he managed to capture a lot of toy train related things, which are no more, so that everyone can still enjoy them, long after they're gone. 

The story about Doug Dubay and Clarke Dunham was in the first Toy Train Review I believe... and the story  about Stan Roy  from Glenview Illinois was in the second or third issue of Toy Train Review...  he also brought us the rebuilding of the 1949 showroom layout ... the purchase and move of Madison Hardware by Dick Kuhn to Detroit  all in that first series..

Great Toy Train Layouts came later  along with visits to  celebrities layouts like Sinatra and Mandy Patinkin .. and favorite in that series was the Tom Snyder interview and visit to his awesome Standard Gauge layout....Snyder also narrated the Century of Lionel video ... Tom also recently resurrected Toy Train Review a few years ago and has most recently released a new series called 21st Century Toy Train Layouts that feature quite a few forum members layouts.

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