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This user has uploaded 35 videos of old NYC subway and elevated footage.  Boston stuff too.


Check out this 1 hour long video on the IND/BMT Elevated Lines from the 1940s to the 1980s.


At the 21:59 mark shows the Liberty El at the point of the Rockaway connection prior to that connection being made.


At the 23:42 mark there is a live shot of the Canarsie Line railroad crossing in action.


A lot of awesome footage!!!


Check this one out!!!


Pre-Worlds Fair Flushing line footage.


At the 44:14 mark old SIRT live video complete with railroad crossings!!!


Also old PATH (H&M at the time) and Newark City Subway.


I can't see how this was unnoticed in the past or am I just late to the show.


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