There have been several threads over the last few months with questions about the various radii available for O27 height track. Rather than posting to each of these, I thought I'd share this pic in this one "catch all" post.

In addition to the tracks shown, I think Marx or American Flyer made O27 height track in a O34 radii, but I don't have one to share a pic of (Do you?).



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Thanks for the picture, John. I've purchased a small amount of O27 height track in O54 for my future layout.


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I don't have it in my hands and I guess the camera can play some tricks @Lionelski, but those ties look like O gauge ties in your image...

The O72 O27 profile K-line pieces I'm familiar with look like this:



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The ties do look slightly darker in color in my pic but I assure you that it is the same as that shown on your example.  Here is one on Warrenville:


 Thanks for the O34 radii O27 profile pic




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"The O72 pictured is not O27 profile"

I guarantee you that it is BMORAN4. Made by K-line and many are in use on Warrenville.

Definitely O-27. Right click, view image to enlarge.


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I was in those conversations in other threads. These pictures help, although someone in another thread had posted that the O72 only came in a high profile. you however show the O72 in O27(low profile).    Geez, just when I think I'm learning it right.   The pictures help lots!

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