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For today: " The View from My Office Window " IMG_1883

Never get tired of looking at your amazing layout, Patrick. 

Coastsidekevin -  Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment!  I'm totally thrilled that you receive such personal enjoyment from my photos!

Loved your story on the other thread about the boys who saw your layout. It takes a pretty spectacular layout these days to awe the young generation - good on you!

“It’s the little things...”

Perfect, Brian, a vintage (1960) Peterbilt moving a vintage (1905?) steam engine.  Nothing could be more fitting.  One runs on boiling water and has manually-lapped air brake valves, and the other probably has a Cummins 220 or 262 and a twin stick transmission.  No automation in either one.



Superintendent, High Plains Division (O Gauge) 

The Panhandle & Santa Fe Railway Co.

Lone Star Hi-Railers

Santa Fe, All the Way

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Hi Fredstrains, IMG_4637 [3)IMG_4914

I always thought Moondog Streets were a wonderful and effective product. IMG_4615Too bad what happened to them, huh.



Did U ever hear the real Story on Moondog Streets?  I did!  If not, & you want the story,  E-Mail me & I will fill you in!  I purchased a great deal of their Product for my last Layout!  It was 50’ x  40’.


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