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Bill T :  Great picture, I thought at first this was the famous and exceedingly rare "Halloween General" from1960  but although the coloring is similar that has a black boiler  not orange as well as being a 4-4-0 American and not a 4-6-0 "10 Wheeler".  No matter , this one looks GREAT as well.  Is it  LIonel? MTH? Who? 

MTH, all diecast, PS-3, heck of a strong puller.

Moonson posted:

Geysergazer, Very nice to see those authentic logging photos.

Does one of the workers in the top photo have on a head-covering black leatherDSCN3434 [2) super-hero type hood on ? (!)

I think it is an artifact due to Dad's cheap camera [lens] having poor light-gathering properties. If you look carefully the other cutter's face is more obviously in shade and I think that is actually the same case with the guy you spotted (face in shade). It does look a bit strange though, doesn't it?

These pics are or may well be completely on-topic. Granddad had one "set" (sawmill setup location) that was on land owned by the Shawmut RR. The contract job  was cutting and milling the Oak into railroad ties which they hauled to a Shawmut siding and loaded onto rail cars. These pics could well be of that set.

Speaking of cutters, my Uncle remarked that during lunch break they would hone and strop their axes and were satisfied only when they could shave the hair on their arms with their axes. They never set those axes down. That is why you always see axes sunk into wood. 

Similarly Grandad would touch-up the big circular saw blade during lunch.

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Lew, I have heard that before that the test if a blade is sharp enough is if it shaves arm hair.  The sharper the blade, the easier and better the work.

As a teenager, I helped my dad cut up a couple maple trees with his two-man crosscut saw.  It wasn't bad work especially since he was so muscular, most of the cutting was by his strength.  I was probably just stabilizing the other end of the saw.  

Jim M Sr posted:

Last locomotive to run the old WB&A rails before light rail took the right of wayE8FC7A64-E13B-4FA2-9578-1B0067B76C79

Hey Jim - Fabulous photo!!!  Thanks so much for posting/sharing!  Number 50 was B&As only diesel locomotive ... well only locomotive for that matter.    Do you know what year and where this photo was taken? I'd love to know.  Do have more photos of the B&A railroad?  

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