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Patrick...some serious scrap metal in that scene...very realistic!  I like the blue / white Mack center left...wondering what process you used to color the tracks to a brownish / rust shade??

Thank you so much Capetrainman!   For the rails I used Floquil paint markers ( like Magic Markers) applying first the Rail Brown with a second application of Rust.   As I'm color blind I rely on the product labels to guide me.  I don't think these markers are still manufactured by as the rest of the Floquil paints for model railroads has been discontinued.  I think? Testors makes these markers in similar colors.  

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Morning guys, just wanted to say what great photos you all are posting! Thank you so much!

No two ways about it Mike.       It's really great to see all these photos and videos.   It sure seems to beat all the more there is on THE  TUBE.    The people here seem to be getting the hang of the  visual value in this forum.    Maybe not being together in person for sharing or problem solving but it sure is a step in the right direction.

Have some fun Mike and be careful. 🤗

I was in Winlock earlier this evening. Long after the gates went down for a southbound, a local in a pickup truck when around the gates. I was standing right there with my camera on sport mode, and caught him with several photographs as he went by. You should have seen the look on his face when he realised someone was taking pictures of him doing that.


If he'd been through there about 5 seconds later, he'd have gotten hit by this:



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Lee, I swear I was with the wife all day, We didn't leave Hood Canal area! LOL

Patrick, Great Photo, I remember back in the day we would get milk in glass jars delivered to the house until one day the milk man ran over our dog! The next time he came by he ended up with 4 flat tires! Still cant figure out who did that!

Here's something no visitor to the layout has ever noticed, a Jeep and GMC 2.5 ton truck in the tree line in the back of the area behind the tracks which run behind the general store and the cornfield.

The Jeep is 1:48 scale and the truck is 1:50 scale, each a little too small in scale for everything else on the layout.


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