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Great photos everyone! I tell you some of you have great imaginations! Its funny how a couple of you are really party goers, no names! lol

I love all the older cars and the scenes are outstanding!

Larry I hope you have a good time at the train show today and maybe even find something you just have to have!

Ted and Paul you you guys always seem to nock it out of the park with your scenes!

Lee & Lee, you always seem to find some outstanding real life photos!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

@leapinlarry posted:

Great pictures everyone, we are now half past April and I’m getting ready to attend my first Train Show since the pandemic began, in Evansville, Indiana. Wow, I hope the folks wear masks. 40D9DA2A-3779-4453-AD4B-2119A6F704D8

Those designs on that chopper sure look familiar Larry.😉

I like the look of the steel sides of that rail overpass just below the image of the chopper.  What do you make that out of ? 🤔

why were all those wrappers not disposed of properly ?  🚮 😉

You are so right...we try hard to keep a tidy layout.  Actually that is broken up pieces of styrofoam from my bridge support.(you may notice the pink piece missing above the arches. I repositioned the bridge and broke off a section; didn't get it cleaned up properly in my haste to snap a picture. Always wanted to finish the scene with some menu signage, garbage can, and condiments added. As they say.....the layout is never finished. But it does make for a neat trashy look now that you mention it

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