Hi Briansilvermustang, I like your posting of that real-life photo very much because it gives a sense of proportion to what size ballasting rocks are among the RR-ties = how many should typically fit in between them. Also, of course, the authentic landscape is an excellent resource, too.

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Two for Tuesday!  " Gotta go when you gotta go!" and "Mr.Bo keeps an eye out"IMG_4376IMG_4307

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@P51- Wow! You don't see many BNSF SD40-2s left in the old BN green & white paint scheme. Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome, and thanks for the kind words. That shot was taken at Ruston, where the twin main converges to one on the north end of the twin tunnels under Point Defiance. I'd never tried getting shots there. There's a house just off frame to the left with no view obstructions to the tracks, and that'd be a great house for train fans!

As for the power, I've seen a few SD40-2s lately. I think the Pacific NW is a 'last stand' location for BNSF power. Heck, I've recently seen an SD-9 in a consist of a manifest train between Olympia and Tacoma and until recently, they were being used in a yard in Seattle that I've seen.

Here's a photo from 1978.  We were on the Colonial to Williamsburg, Va..  I caught this quite by accident.  It's in Delaware.  


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leapinlarry posted:

Well, being that we are actually snowed in here in middle Tennessee, I am watching OGR VIDEOS, and running trains....It’s a great hobby.E40F6412-378A-4AC3-8454-2EBE2AB9725CA6A602D1-8D28-4E93-A8BD-19731895BA28236C461A-3722-496F-AA91-41BCFB710BE03BBC52BD-2513-48D3-88F6-C65B25CB7963

Im in East Tennessee and havent seen the first snowflake!!!   But that sure is an awesome looking layout!!

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Serows1 posted:

The Lionel Lionchief Plus New York Central Mikado is my current favorite, it looks and smokes AWESOME!


I'm still not sure about the rock....


Try 5-7 more, smaller, in various sizes randomly spread in that scene area.  Just needs some company.  Maybe a bush, tree or something.  I like Brian’s idea also.


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