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I have been playing with the MTH WIU on the short line Christmas Tree RR. No doubt this is key to attracting those younger than I. I'm using my cell phone.

One question that came up was with regards to ergonomics and size of the WIU interface. My Galaxy cell is certainly up to the task, but so is a larger tablet. I like the idea of only one hand needed to hold the device.

Then I looked online and found several 7" Kindle size devices that seems it might be a good size for a dedicated device to use the WIU and control the trains in your train room?

Yes, I realize I may be over thinking this whole thing - but maybe not.



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the kindle platform doesn't run the app as is. You have to have an android or IOS. So you have to change the software on it to add (windows?) something?

I tried to get my Amazon Kindle to run it like some others have, and never did. I went to strictly android.

I have a Samsung Galaxy tab E 8" and the larger Samsung 11" tablet running the app along with some phones. I grab the phones for convenience. I have the larger tablet on a stand also for convenience (one hand). The tab E stays with me upstairs. I got most when family upgraded to new ones.

I think what ever size you run, you'll adapt to. The phone is the easiest to "grab and run" with.

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