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I would like to ask why some of you who post photos do not check the box "Insert all photos and videos into post body (large size)"?

Photo Insert

By not doing this, you make the reader scroll down and click on the photo to view it.


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BJ, I appreciate it when folks DON'T post every photo in large size in the text.  One or two photos in the text will allow me to choose if I want to see the rest by going to the bottom of their reply.

What I don't like are numerous, large size, photos in a reply that are haphazard; cumulative; and/or don't advance the subject of the thread.  Makes for a lot of scrolling--much better in that circumstance if the poster uses a couple of large photos in the text and leaves the rest at the bottom.


If I'm posting just a couple then I check the box. Larger posts I put a few in and leave the rest below. Keeps the post smaller.

As long as we're talking about it.....if folks would stop hitting "reply with quote" especially with long photo-filled posts, I wouldn't have to look at the same pix over and over. My personal preference is to delete everything from the OP except what I'm commenting on.

This forum, Hi-rail O27 and Traditional 3-rail O Gauge, is also available as a daily digest emailed every morning at 4 a.m. EST. That daily digest contains all the posts on various topics in a 24-hour period, which makes scanning discussions a more convenient and thorough process.

When people fail to check off the “insert photo” box, the photos do not display in the daily digest. That makes the post less effective. Plain and simple.

Here’s a sample of what the daily digest looks like, with photos and without.



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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Yep, the pictures don't bother me nearly as much as a thread with the same huge text and graphic quote repeated over and over (and over)!

The problem is that too many people use the "Reply with Quote" option instead of just replying by typing in the box at the bottom of the thread. I agree that threads where the same images are repeated over and over again are a real pain to read.

In addition to what Rich says, I check the box to hide the attachments.  Since I have the large photo in the box, no reason to display the attachments thumbnails as well.  If I have ZIP or PDF files, I actually copy a link to them into the main body of the post.

I frequently use the quote, but I delete most of the content and only leave what I'm responding to.  This minimizes the amount of duplication but allows the reader to easily see what is being replied to.

K-Line Tank Cars N1

Sample ZIP file in body of post.

LM78Lxx Power Module

Rich Melvin posted:

Here's the same image, only this time I clicked on the "Insert all photos and videos into post body (large size)" box.

Note you can edit quotes to only include pertinent information and not the whole quote.


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I always insert the pics in the response and I always hide the attachments. I usually clip quotes down in size. I do often leave a photo or two if that is what I'm asking about or commenting on. Otherwise the context tends to get lost.

I'm pretty much live-and-let-live so I don't get exercised over people not following some precise protocol or posting lots of pics or quoting entire long posts. After all, it takes but a moment to either sort it out or to scroll-on-past!   

What I don't like is hyper-criticism of people who take their time to contribute here.

Also too, it has been said that a pic is worth a thousand words. 

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