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I'm interested in adding DCS to my future layout. I have a quick question regarding powering the TIU from the auxiliary power port. Are there any operational advantages (signal strength, etc.) to powering the TIU with aux. power versus powering it through the Fixed 1 input channel?

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I use the AUX port and find advantages in doing so.

For one, I can operate accessories that are powered by a source not going thru the TIU, or even those that are powered thru the TIU but not Port #1 (a dumb idea to me anyways) using my remote.

For switches I use external power on them, not track power.  So by using AUX, I can control action of switches without power applied to the track.  There's lots of advantages in this.

Another is for lighting that uses an separate power source.  I can turn them on and off using my remote without having power on the rails.

While I don't have operating accessories controlled by DCS, I imagine the concept above would apply here too

Being able to control things without having power on the rails is a big plus.

Both situations obviously require the switches and lights and accessories to be programmed into your DCS system

- walt

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