Just posted on the Nat Geo YT video page.  A nice short video all about WHY we like being railroaders and WHY we like supporting the prototype trains across this great country.  The video in centered on the NG in Colorado but I think it applies everywhere.  Enjoy, I sure did.  Russ

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Chalk me up as another admirer of this video, and not just because I’m a member of the Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. The director’s and script-writers’ arguements can be made for many preserved railroads across the West and across the country.

Hi Russ,  great video, I really liked it.  Spent many hours wondering around the yards at Chama, if you were lucky and was around when the afternoon train came in, they would sometimes let you ride along while they did some switching chores.  That video brings back lots of memories.  Thanks for posting it.



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