A short conversation with Gordon Gebert (Timmy Ennis)

This morning I sent an email to Gordon Gebert from Holiday Affair and was quite surprised to get a quick reply:




A number of us on the OGR model railroad forum are big fans of A Holiday Affair and I was wondering  wondering if you are the same Gordon Gebert who played Timmy Ennis in the movie A Holiday Affair? 






We've heard that the set from the movie still exists  and that it is in your possesion. Have any of the model train companies ever contacted you about looking at the set so they might possibly issue a replica of it? Or if any of the model railroading magazines ever contacted you to do an article on the set?  A large number of us would be interested in the story and in having such a set  since many of us emphasize with Timmys situation in the past and the movie does have a great appeal to many of us simply as a Christmas classic.

Thank you for your time.

Jerry Makowiecki





I am the same Gordon Gebert who played Timmy in Holiday Affair some 60+ years ago! And I do have the train set which was packed about 30 years ago by my father in two large crates which have remained unopened since then. I actually have no idea what is contained in those boxes. For example, is the transformer, track, and perhaps some of the buildings or other accessories there?  Dont know as I have not seen the set since I was in my early teens which was nearly 50 years ago but I seem to recall an ABA engine set. I cant for the life of me recall the passenger cars nor the markings on any of the units.

You have certainly raised my curiosity. However, I am currently living in Spain for a year and therefore have no access, but will, as soon as we return, go down and open those boxes.  While not active at this point, I have been very interested in model railroading. When my son was younger I doubt we missed a single train show or club open-house within 50 miles of us. The Carlstadt New Jersey club open houses and the Union County New Jersey holiday open house were favorites.  I intend sooner or later to build a layout at our home in Poughkeepsie, New York.


Best wishes to everyone for a great holiday and a prosperous and happy new year.




Gordon A. Gebert

Poughkeepsie, New York


Just re-read your e-mail and realized my previous reply did not answer all the questions you posed. No, no one has contacted me regarding the train set. It was brought-up on the interview I did last year on Turner but that is the only reference to it that I am aware of. I would be happy to answer questions, do another interview or whatever. In fact, when I return to the U.S. next July and have a chance to look into the boxes, I would consider doing a short article with photos IF what is in the boxes is interesting and there is any interest amongst the modelers community.I am pleased that Holiday Affair continues to bring joy to people. I typically receive 10-15 e-mails and letters each year from people who have enjoyed it. I am grateful for those communications, and was especially happy to receive yours given my interest in model railroading.



Best wishes


  I've forwarded this to Rich to see about the magazine maybe doing an article next Christmas about the set and Mr. Gebert, he apparently is a model railroader. 



Original Post

Will do Allan, I was really suprised that A: he was the right Gordon and B: he was interested in doing something like this. Now All I need to do is get in touch with either Williams or Lionel about looking into a set.



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