Good morning, I was going thru some older magazines and MTH catalogs sorting them and put them in either monthly or yearly order.

I came across a MTH 1996 Fall/ Winter catalog and going thru it I saw that MTH offered a Z-2000  MTH Item # Z-2000.

I never noticed this before and always thought the Z-4000 was the transformer that MTH first offered.

Has anyone seen or have a Z-2000 ?

Also in the 2009 Volume 2 Catalog on Page 15 they show a Pennsy Decopod with a short tender Item # 30-1502-1.

On page 14 they show the same Decopod Item # 30-1503-1 with a "coast to coast tender"

Again I never knew that MTH offered the Pennsy Decopod with the short tender. My Pennsy roster needs one or two of these !!

Also when you look at the Railking and Premier models from back then you realize how far MTH has come with advancements to their engines to make them look, sound and run like the real locomotives of today and yesterday.

Just a short trip down MTH memory lane !!!!

Have a good weekend !!!

Mark Strittmatter


Indiana, PA 

Original Post

Since you want to go down memory lane.....My grandfather was a high-ranking official in the United Mine Workers Union from Homer City.  As a child I vised many mines along the Indiana Branch;  Josephine, Lucerne, Walston, Eleanora, Black Lick.  I grew up in Brockway, (Beechtree Branch)..  Find a copy of The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway by Paul Pietrak.  Class LL and EL3A's ruled the rails between Indiana and Rykers.  If you want to correspond my e-mail is in my profile.  Currently I am retired, living the dream near the Space Center in central Florida 

While the catalog Mark referenced was slightly before I became involved, I sort of remember when the Z4000s first came in and my dealer mentioning that a few of his customers' orders were from way back when they tried to pre-order a Z2000.

So as Lou said, the Z2000 never saw the light of day, but essentially evolved into (or was replaced by) the Z4000.


Funny my family is from Sagamore. Going to town meant going to Indiana, Pa. I never lived there I'm a little to young for those days. Though I have some pre PS engines that do not take batteries. My favorite is a Santa Fe  A,B,A.  Nice size good detail but nothing like their current engines.

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