I usually tape together pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" graft paper when I drawn large scale layout design. Is there a good source of large sheets of this type paper to avoid having to use smaller taped up ones? How large you say...lets say 2' x'4' as an example of where I'm going with this. Appreciate any info, and thanks.

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you can get 11" x 17" graph paper at most of the office supply stores. I know that bigger sizes are available, but I'd expect that you would need to find a drafting supply store. I checked one printable online source, they do have large size PDF's(20x25 CM), but of course you need a large format printer to print them out. search google for "large format graph paper"-- dozens of hits---
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Each size doubles the previous size smaller dimension (in inches):
A size = 8-1/2 x 11
B size = 11 x 17
C size = 17 x 22 << looked this one up
D size = 22 x 34

In case you cannot find what you want locally, several Amazon vendors have them. For example, 17" x 22" Quadrille Ruled 50-sheet pad for $18 to $22, plus shipping.

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Well I created the size (24' x 48") and the grid dimensions (.125") in Solidworks and saved my dwg as a PDF and I will give one of the copy services the file to enlarge...perhaps Staples.Then decide whether or not it's even worth the bother...taping sevral smaller sheets together is still adequate for my minor needs...thanks everyone for your input.

Are you seeking graph paper (with gridlines) or kraft paper (brown stuff).

Graph paper can be found at larger sizes at Office supple stores that carry drafting supplies (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot etc..),11x18, 18x24 18x36.

Brown kraft paper can be found in rolls at Lowe's in the paint dept. They should carry differant widths such as 9", 18", 24", 30", all come in rolls.

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