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@Rich Melvin posted:

Must have been something temporary. It works OK for me.

Hello Rich,

The link works fine - but I have two questions.

As a digital subscriber and supporting member when I open the index and after I conduct a search, the tool returns a list of articles it found.

No problem there as it works beautifully.

However the only active item in the list is a "Buy" option which the takes the reader to the appropriate run number and it shows a price for it along with type of download and an area of for "add to cart".

How do we down load the articles as digital subscriber's without having to purchase it?  Or am I missing something in the use of the tool?

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Kazar, once you use the OGR Index to find the issue that a particular article is in, you can go to the Digital Library to download the issue. Digital Subs do not need to purchase anything extra. As a digital subscriber, you have access to every issue of OGR, all 300+ of them, starting with Run1, from June 1969.

That BUY option is there for non-digital subs who may want just that one issue.

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