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Originally Posted by Jim Policastro:

Great modeling. Thanks for posting.


Actually, running from overhead simplified the wiring of this layout. Could you imagine handling the wiring of all those frogs and the number of rail gaps that would be necessary if it were wired for two rail instead!






Kinda like if you had 3 rails!!!!

It is great model work.....I know how hard it is to make those overhead frogs work all the time.

So when will WbB make that in EZ Streets!?!?!?!?!?

Originally Posted by Allan Miller:

It would be awesome enough if it was just track powered, but powering it via the overhead takes it to an beyond-awesome level.


Now, who is going to be the first to do it in O gauge?  

It has been done in O gauge by Les Lewis and it appeared on the cover of OGR run 154 (August 1997).   

Many years ago, Dr. Howard Blackburn and Vane Jones (the guy who originally founded "0" Scale Railroading) built an "0" gauge layout that was a model of the city block occupied by the Indianapolis Traction Terminal.  There was no Grand Union crossing but it did have very complicated trackwork and replicated all the tracks that went under the trainshed as well as that in the streets around the block.  Also included was the 15 story bulding and the trainshed which was purported to be able to handle close to 200 cars.


I saw that layout in about 1964 or 65 and then it disappeared.  I've often wondered if it is still in existence, along with the magnificent model of the buildings.  Anyone know?


Paul Fischer

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