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bigkid... Last RAIL EXPO was held in 1999. Great shows especially when a Classic Car Show was held at same date at same location but outside the Terminal.

I had my CNJ #189 track speeder there 1 year.

necrails... Only the tracks under train shed are fenced off due to condition of train shed roof. Remainder of ground level at station is accessible.

wmm track speeder lib st park my photo


Westbound view at Passenger Terminal. WMMatuch collection


CNJ's Communipaw Avenue Engine Terminal. Site now of Liberty Science Center.

C'paw 1948 view

WMMatuch collection


CNJ Blue Comet on Track 10. WMMatuch collection

1 US and CNJ tug 1969

USS UNITED STATES outbound with CNJ tugboat in foreground. Photo taken from CNJ ferry terminal. WMMatuch collection

BLUE COMET 220px-CRR_NJ_signs10

Susie and I sponsored this train sign and a few others... Hunterdon Commuter and Local to Bayonne in the early 2000's. Small plaques are no longer attached.

And...the Terminal is haunted too! Spent a few overnights there during Rail Expo and when all lights were out, heard footsteps across the platform and train gateman closing the gates...but nobody was there!

And...the 1/29th scale model of the BLUE COMET on display was donated by Aristo-Craft Trains.


PS: Belated Happy Birthday to Ben.


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  • wmm track speeder lib st park
  • !BQYWKK!B2k~$(KGrHgoOKjwEjlLmVD,kBJ4mcGTFT!~~_1
  • cnj1-2
  • C'paw 1948 view
  • RRphotoCentralJersey1
  • 1 US and CNJ tug 1969
  • BLUE COMET 220px-CRR_NJ_signs10
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