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Parts supporting the AC Commander are the last two 1/4" standoffs that I had laying around, and 1/8" x 3/4" alum stock. Couldn't find any on ebay, but I'm sure they are available.

Just did another upgrade and had to make my own standoffs using 1/4" x 1" thick stock.

Battery clips I had and are available through ebay.

Electric RR upgrades are TMCC. Can be set up with a Cab 1 or Legacy Cab.


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It is sure a lot easier to use a pre-made square standoff if you can find them.  Here is a photo of how I made them using 1/4" x 1" Alum stock...  (Home Depot?)    1 1/4" would be better.   It is easiest to work with leaving the cutting till last.  Use lubricant for all operations.  I use 4-40 drill/tap/screws as readily available.

I enjoy creating my own mounts, so don't mind all work...  


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Since I'm more interested in the "shortest distance between two points" method rather than all these convoluted steps, I sidestepped them when converting my non-TMCC-R/S equipped F-3s to TMCC-R/S equipped ones. Perhaps not the cheapest method, but certainly easier and quicker, which is worth something if you need to do other things with your time.

I find a Postwar Celebration or other F-3 set at a decent price, which has TMCC and R/S, electrocouplers, directional lighting, cab interior and figures, etc. already installed, and simply swap shells. The only additional step is to transfer the antennas, a simple task. The one procedure that requires a bit of time is mounting the speaker in the B unit. I haven't tried to mount it in the fuel tank, but will take a look at that if I do this again. Rather than that, I made a baffle and mounting system, and mounted the speaker in the roof of the B unit (and in one case, an A unit), with the speaker pointing out the roof vents. The volume control knob I stick out the back door window - just fits.

Lastly, I took the old chassis' and mounted the unused shells on them, and sold them. I have done these conversions to 3 MPC era F-3 sets.

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