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I have an older late 90s MTH Railking which says it accepts Protosounds Plug-in.

I've seen prior discussions explaining that this is pre PS and that the upgrade only offers bell and engine vs the rest of the PS DCC enhancements.

Could anyone please share what the plugin board was (product name), assuming I could find one or what alternative there would be that would basically run track power add horn bell engine sound?

I would still run conventional so strictly sound.

Thank you!

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Hi that era were PS 1 or also called protosound engine with sounds use Z4000 and other transformers with PA announcements which were activated by using a combination of bell and whistle combinations actually the sound effects are really cool and work well, these engines are conventual running only, ps 2 5 volt and 3 volt and ps 3 has DCC option jumper MTH engines were DCS and conventual!


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