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I think this is the proper sub-forum for this question.

Somewhere on OGR, I thought I saw a way to support an access hatch vertically (over the opening) so that it didn't need to be removed.  Essentially, someone could get under the layout, raise up the hatch, latch it in place directly over the opening, and then stand in the opening to do whatever maintenance or task was needed.

Has anyone done that?  If so, can you please discuss your approach / technique / components here?

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I saw one several years ago, Probably here. Standard hatch, push up a little and move out of the way. EXCEPT. There was a pipe or rod in one corner attached to the corner of the hatch. the pipe or rod could be slid up and down in a large pipe. The hatch could be pushed up vertically and the hatch remained horizontal. The hatch could be raised and swung out of the way. I assume there was a mechanism to keep the hatch up when raised.

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