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Wasn't paying attention re-attaching the motor to the truck and managed to get the little front-truck LED wire under the motor which shredded it and shorted it against the motor frame. Magic smoke ensued with a nice smell of electrical burning. I cut off the shredded wire and re-tested it, the other front truck LED works fine, and I don't see any obvious burn marks on the board. What are the odds I can replace the LED and wire, and hopefully not have a partially burned out board? (All other functions on unit working fine, aside from the main reason I pulled off the motor to begin with)

PN: 1922060 (ES44AC Oil Train Set)

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No telling, best to just get an LED and sky-wire it in and see if it lights.  Each of those ditch lights is driven from a separate output on the RCMC, so it doesn't tell us anything if one is lit.

Lionel's parts listing is not that informative about the locomotive.


Thanks John! Will try a spare LED laying around and hope for the best. The lack of parts on Lionel's site was slightly less than pleasant XD.

@lpb007 posted:

A short may have damaged the board, but how could a short damaged a LED??

Pretty simple really.  The LED is directly powered by the RCMC, but the RCMC does NOT have a common AC and DC ground.  So, grounding one side of the LED could have put way more voltage on the LED than is is rated for.  Grounding ANYTHING on modern Legacy or any MTH PS/2 or PS/3 boards is very bad for the health of the boards and the parts.

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