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I am trying to program the Acela engines that I bought at York.  I am using the legacy base with the cab 2 remote and a programming track. I am trying to program each individual engine as a unit so that I can run them as a train in conjunction with the sound dinner car.  Engine 2021 programmed fine as engine ID # 21 into the base and it came up as Acela and I got all of the appropriate icons . I programmed Engine 2024 as engine 24 but when I run it over the programming track it just reads Cab 1 mode. It also starts up in reverse. It doesn’t recognize it as Acela or give it the appropriate icons. I have the unit/pair switch as unit and I have the blue tooth off. What am I missing? I admit that I am a little fuzzy on the pair engine systems so maybe I should program these under pair mode instead of unit mode . I don’t necessarily need to run the set as a train if its easier to run it in just the pair mode.

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I do not own a Acela but would assume they are programmed the same as AA units that are both powered. One starts in forward and the second starts in reverse. You can program each with the same ID # 21. The only difference is the AA engines are both at the head of the train and on the Acela one is at the front of the train and the second is at the rear. As you do have the Station Sound Dinner the use the Train ID with just the Engine ID# 21 and the dinner ID #. Since the dinner has no motor it can be placed anywhere between the two engines,

As I said I do not own either products so others can chime in if I am incorrect. Note you can use Train # 21 when setting up the train as well.

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