Three of my four MTH engines are from the old PS1 days and occasionally stall on certain parts of my layout due to the fact that they have the old single roller electrical pickups. My fourth engine is a PS2 engine and came equipped with the dual rollers instead. Because it has a total of 4 electrical pickup points, it never stalls.
I have looked into replacing the single rollers on the PS1 engines with the new dual rollers and I know it's possible, the problem is that I can't find the rollers anywhere.
My local train store has ordered them for me, however MTH seems to be moving very slowly because the order was placed 2 months ago yet they have still not been shipped to the store.
I've never attempted to get parts from MTH so I don't have much experience with this. Are they normally this slow? Would it be faster if I called MTH and ordered them directly? Should I go to the nearest authorized MTH service center and try and get them there?

Any advice would be great.


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Our MTH repair guy has tried ordering them for a long time and says that he can't get them.  Maybe going directly through Midge is the answer?  I assumed if their repair man couldn't get them, what chance would I have?



Maybe Midge doesn't like your "repair guy"? See if you can com up with an MTH part number, or if not, have a specific locomotive item ready when you call Midge, and leave her an exact description of what you want, how many, plus your home phone number.


Midge's phone number is:  (410) 381-2580,   ext 516.

The only place I can get them is off  used locos I buy at swap meets, etc.  I check all the trashed/broken PS2 locos I think might have them - sometimes they are priced as little as $25, and considering the motors, dual pickups, and such, that price is a bargain to me.

Well I'd rather not have to buy a broken engine just to get parts, but it may eventually come to that...

I find it hard to believe that MTH doesn't sell this part. They still make engines with those rollers so you'd think that it wouldn't be a problem to get them separately.


I assume you are talking about diesel engines? Do you have any Lionel or Williams engines with dual rollers? Lionel has many styles of dual rollers that might work. Go to their website and under Customer Service, Replacement Parts, search for "collector" or "coll"


Here is one of many examples in stock:




I just received a number of the dual-roller assemblies from MTH, I ordered them on the technician parts page.  They weren't any more problem than other parts.

If I can get them, you should be able to get them from MTH as well.  All the parts come from the same place, they don't reserve parts for repair shops.


Originally Posted by gunrunnerjohn:

If I can get them, you should be able to get them from MTH as well.  All the parts come from the same place, they don't reserve parts for repair shops.


John, I order parts from lionel at least twice a month. I can get part numbers and if they are in stock within a couple of minutes using their main website. The interface is the same one used by Service Centers.

Only a fraction of MTH rolling stock has a parts icon which brings up diagrams with part numbers. I have yet to find locomotives, even if they have a link to an exploded diagram with actual part numbers, only reference numbers like #17 headlight.

This is just about useless even when calling or emailing. 


Has the parts ordering experience changed since you became an MTH tech? If so then you can appreciate the problem. if not then shame on MTH.




Originally Posted by Chugman:

This would seem to confirm a suspicion we have had of our repair guy.  Actually of both repair guys because neither claims to be able to get them.  Thanks for shedding some light on this problem.



I see this many times.  Repair shops that don't want to order parts for customers or don't want to do a specific repair, so they tell folks parts are not available.

So they give it to me, and I get the part and repair it, than the bulb goes off in their head that some shops aren't interested in every repair or customer.  G

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I ordered a bunch not that long ago and got them pretty fast. I always order more for stock so I have them when I need them.

We don't get to deal with Midge. But with those part #'s and a quick call to Midge you'll get them.


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A big thanks to everyone for all the quick replies!

I'm new to the community here and it's great to see that so many people are willing to offer help.


Following what some people have said here and what was discussed on this topic: ( it looks like the dual pickup rollers are part #BD-0000097.


Based on what's been discussed, I'm going to give my local train store one more call to see if the parts are in yet, and if they are not I'm gonna call Midge at MTH.


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