Add a sticky to the Lionel Lion Chief and other R/C Systems forum?

Just thought it might be worthwhile to add a nice, easy to find and reference, closed sticky thread to the LionChief sub-forum with the information Jon (RAILSOUNDS) posted in anothe thread, listing which engines are and are not compatible with the LionChief Universal Remote at this time.  

The information is from the thread: and posted on 1-4-17 @9:37 Am  by RAILSOUNDS.  

LC Universal remote compatibility:  

Railsounds posted:

Thanks to those who pointed out missing Thomas, etc. Here's a revision of the list.


Lionel 6-83071 Universal Remote LionChief Locomotive compatability list
revision January 3, 2017

This document lists Lionel LionChief locomotives which are or are not supported by the Lionel Universal Remote with original production firmware.

The following first-generation LionChief locomotives are NOT supported by the Universal Remote with original production firmware:

6-30162 Thomas Xmas Set
6-30183 Lionel 2-4-2 Remote Scout Steam Set
6-30190 Thomas and Friends Remote Set
6-30205 2-4-2 Remote Xmas Set
6-30206 Alien Invasion Remote RS-3 Set
6-30207 Santa Fe RS-3 Remote Scout Freight Set
6-30214 Peanuts Halloween 2-4-2 Remote Set
6-30218 The Polar Express Remote Set 
6-30221 Diesel Set (Separated sales 6-18775)
6-30222 Percy Set
6-30223 James Set
6-30228 0-8-0 Chattanooga Set 
6-30233 Pennsylvania Flyer Remote Set 
6-81031 Lionel Junction Dinosaur Diesel Remote Set
6-81101 Remote Polar with 10th Ann Logo
6-81259 PRR 0-8-0 Remote Broadway Limited
6-81262 Union Pacific Flyer Remote (0-8-0)
6-81263 Jersey Remote RS3 Passenger Train
6-81286 Little Steam Remote Set
6-81287 Union Pacific Steam Remote Freight Set
6-81288 Lionel Junction Pet Shop Diesel Remote Set
6-81331 Iron Arry
6-81332 Iron Bert
6-81480 John Deer Remote Set
6-82151 Bass Pro Shop 2-4-2 LionChief Scout RTR Set
6-82972 Lionel Junction Pennsylvania Diesel Remote Set (Loco #9431)
6-83266 Lionel Junction Santa Fe Steam Remote Set
6-83504 Birthday Thomas the Tank Engine

The following Second Generation LionChief locomotives ARE COMPATIBLE with the Universal Remote with original production firmware:

Lion Chief -------------------------------------------
6-11699 Hallmark Set
6-81261 New York Central 0-8-0 Flyer (Dealer Exclusive)
6-81264 Western Union Telegraph LionChief General Freight Set
6-81266 Amtrak FT Remote Set
6-81269 PRR Allegheny Hauler Berkshire  Set
6-81270 Bethlehem Steel Remote Docksider Set
6-81279 Albert Hall European Remote Set
6-81280 Victorian Xmas Remote Set
6-81284 Frosty Snowman Remote Set
6-81395 Thomas Kinkade Xmas 0-8-0 Remote Set
6-81470 DC Comics Batman Phantom Set
6-81475 Batman Remote M7 Set
6-82099 Zombie Apocolypse Remote Set
6-82188 MTA Metro-North Remote 3-Car Commuter Set
6-82324 Chessie System U36B Freight Set
6-82427 The Patriot U36B Frieght Set
6-82436 Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Classic Diesel Set
6-82545 Christmas Docksider Set (Santa's Helper)
6-82716 Disney Christmas General Set
6-82941 2015 Brass Pro Shop Set
6-82984 NYC RS3 Scout Remote Set
6-83080 Rio Grande 0-4-0 Switcher Set (Dealer Exclusive)
6-83286 John Deere Steam Set
6-83620 Hogwarts LionChief RTR Set
6-83624 Union Pacific Sherman Hill RS3 Scout Set (Dealer Exclusive)
6-83648 MLB Yankees LionChief RTR Subway Set
6-83659 PRR Keystone Special 0-8-0 Set (Exclusive)
6-84354 Hogwarts LionChief Set

Lion Chief Plus -------------------------------------------
6-81295 Santa Fe LionChief Plus Mikado
6-81296 GN LionChief Plus Mikado
6-81297 PRR LionChief Plus Mikado
6-81299 Chessie LionChief Plus Mikado
6-81301 NYC LionChief Plus Hudson
6-81302 C&O LionChief Plus Hudson
6-81303 UP LionChief Plus Hudson
6-81304 CN LionChief Plus Hudson
6-81307 B&O LionChief Plus Pacific
6-81308 CP LionChief Plus Pacific
6-81309 SP LionChief Plus Pacific
6-81311 Alaska LionChief Plus Pacific
6-38821 AT&SF LionChief Plus GP-7
6-38824 NP LionChief Plus GP-7
6-38825 UP LionChief Plus GP-7
6-38827 CBQ LionChief Plus GP-7
6-38819 Rio Grande LionChief Plus RS-3
6-38816 PRR LionChief Plus RS-3
6-38778 C&NW LionChief Plus RS-3
6-38779 NYC LionChief Plus RS-3
6-49632 American Flyer Polar Express Berkshire Set
6-82175 LionChief Plus Virginian Rectifier
6-82176 LionChief Plus N&W Rectifier
6-82177 LionChief Plus New Haven Rectifier
6-82178 LionChief Plus Conrail Rectifier
6-82179 LionChief Plus PRR Rectifier
6-82171 LionChief Plus BNSFGP20
6-82172 LionChief Plus NYC GP20
6-82173 LionChief Plus NS GP20
6-82174 LionChief Plus Susquehanna GP20
6-58213 LCCA B&M LionChief Plus GP-7 #2335
6-58214 LCCA B&M Non-Powered GP-7 #2361
6-82290 LionChief Plus Santa Fe FT AA POWERED
LionChief Plus Santa Fe FT AA NON-POWERED
6-82293 LionChief Plus ACL FT AA POWERED
6-82296 LionChief Plus Erie FT AA OWERED
LionChief Plus Erie FT AA NON-POWERED
6-82299 LionChief Plus Rio Grande FT AA POWERED
LionChief Plus Rio Grande FT AA NON-POWERED
6-82302 Santa Fe LionChief Plus FT B-Unit
6-82303 ACL LionChief Plus FT B-Unit
6-82304 Erie LionChief Plus FT B-Unit
6-82305 Rio Grande LionChief Plus FT B-Unit
6-82163 LionChief Plus B&O NW2
6-82164 LionChief Plus BN NW2
6-82165 LionChief Plus CB&Q NW2
6-82166 LionChief Plus Southern NW2
6-82414 Jersey Central 4-6-0 Camelback
6-82415 Lackawanna 4-6-0 Camelback
6-82416 Lehigh Valley 4-6-0 Camelback
6-82417 Philadelphia and Reading 4-6-0 Camelback
6-82418 Erie 4-6-0 Camelback
(later 2015-2016 production) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
6-42562 A/F Nickel Plate FlyerChief Berkshire #765
6-42569 A/F C&O FlyerChief Berkshire #490
6-47921 A/F Pere Marquette FlyerChief Berkshire #1225
6-47922 A/F Erie FlyerChief Berkshire #3360
6-47923 A/F Southern FlyerChief Berkshire #2716
6-82960 New York Central LionChief Plus Mikado #1548
6-82961 Union Pacific LionChief Plus Mikado #2537
6-82962 Southern LionChief Plus Mikado #4501
6-82963 Rio Grande LionChief Plus Mikado #1208
6-82964 Milwaukee Road LionChief Plus Hudson #6400
6-82965 ATSF LionChief Plus Hudson #3450
6-82966 DL&W LionChief Plus Hudson #1151
6-82967 CB&Q LionChief Plus Hudson #3007
6-82968 Lionel Lines LionChief Plus Pacific
6-82969 Western Maryland LionChief Plus Pacific
6-82970 RBMN LionChief Plus Pacific
6-82971 C&NW LionChief Plus Pacific
6-83214 North Pole Central LionChief Plus Pacific
6-82973 PRR LionChief Plus A5
6-82974 SP LionChief Plus A5
6-82975 B&O LionChief Plus A5
6-82976 Beth Steel LionChief Plus A5
6-82825 CP Rail LionChief+ GP38 #3128
6-82826 CSX LionChief+ GP38 #2145
6-82827 SP LionChief+ GP38 #4846
6-82828 Union Pacific LionChief+ GP38 #905



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Original Post

Could a sticky be added to the LC and other RC system forum for 'Manuals and Reference Materials' (or whatever the proper name was in the other forums) like there is in the MTH DCS and Lionel TMCC/Legacy forums? 

Would be a good place to keep future info like this as well, like in the other forums.

JGL, I also thought of posting this in the place I mentioned here, but it didn't exist. Some good info has been posted in this area in the other (DCS/TMCC/Legacy) forums. Other things can be added by forum members as well. Anyway, sounds like a good idea to me too.

Another thanks to you and Railsounds both! I also really appreciate all the participation by the train manufacturers, nothing better than hearing right from the folks that really know their products and why things are the way they are. 

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