I always place a mark on each flywheel and test the motors with a 9v battery with the wheels off the ground.  Then I wire the motors together and test again with a 9v battery to see if both flywheels turn the same direction ( off the ground) Then I test the motors on a 3 foot section of track to see if the engine runs right.  This way I don't screw up the ERR board.  If a 9v battery will not turn the motors I use a HO (DC) transformer but most of the time the 9v works.

Keith Johnson

RoyBoy posted:

Two blue motor wires to motor 1 terminal on the board and two yellow motor wires to motor 2 terminal on the board.

If the loco starts up in reverse, then reverse the wires to motor terminal 1 and 2.


I've done it that way several times without issue. Works the same when converting a MTH PS1 diesel too. 

Santa Fe, All the Way

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