Searches on this subjected yielded so many convoluted results it was hopeless to sort them out.  I searched "pedestrian crosswalk road markings",  that resulted any post with the word road in the title or text, next I tried searching "how to lay pedestrian crosswalk," I got bridges, locomotives posts, next I searched "road stripes" and that got me kind of close, but not a single crosswalk thread, next I searched "zebra Stripes" and nothing.  My head started to hurt so I went and did something else.  

Can someone suggest the best way to do this?  I see them on  y'all's layouts so I know there is knowledge out there.  Are there kits available to make it easy?  I attempted to make a stencil but it was just too tedious, and I don't have the correct materials, heck, I wouldn't even know what to use if I had a plan for it.  I'm new, I have a simple 4x8 layout in my office that is nearing completion.  It's not much, but it is all the space my office would allow, but I don't wish to go any deeper than where I'm at now anyway.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

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I just bought a Lionel 6-37115  “pedestrian walkover”  a few weeks ago.  The part number is for the basic green one, without the scale mph readout.  Is this what you’re looking for?



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You're talking about making pavement marking for a crosswalk, correct?  I've seen them made and sold in O scale at York (orange hall), but haven't had luck finding you a good link to much in "O" online. Lots of HO, though.  I've found "road marking" and "pavement marking"  to be good search terms - but you do get a lot of chaff, as you say.

The O scale pavement markings I've seen are vinyl tape, cut to the right dimensions/spacing and ready to transfer to the "pavement".   You might be able to achieve the desired effect by ordering vinyl tape, cutting it into rectangles, and placing them at even intervals.   Alternatively, you might try using masking tape to create the desired crosswalk grid/template directly on the road and then hand painting in the crosswalk with white paint.  


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230B0817-1A62-458C-8819-67ADABE4A3DFI masked and painted these. 1/4” stripes,1/2” space. Just driving around, you will find many different patterns. Some are outlined, some are solid, and some are narrow stripes. I used Wite-Out tape for the parking lines. Here is a link to a store that will link you to their ebay store for highway lines, including crosswalks.I used their RR crossing lines.


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John- That's what I need to do at my intersection.   Do you have a vendor for the traffic lights?

I thank all for the pics and links, I now have a few leads to follow.

Crossing stripes are vinyl and made by RedLion Depot. The stop lights are by MTH.




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My traffic lights are the same as Donald's, MTH. With 2 sets you can have them synchronized.

Prototypically you increase each of the spaces size to get a certain width most of the time.  But size/style varies,e.g the States have their preferences, private lots, insurance companies, etc  have other ideas on what is "right" .  (I used to re-design lots for efficiency, looks, safety,and/or capacity. The inspector standing in front of you says what's right

I just eyeballed most of it,masked  some tight corners; but vinyl tape was another thought too. I only had 1/8" in white though. This is how I handled all the angles, "a half thickness stripe" to the right . Other ways didn't look as good (like a bordering line, etc. )




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i’ve used those red lion road markings that greg and 3rail mentioned, all over my layout. they work really well. watch the video for install, however, as it takes a bit of practice so you don’t get frustrated. after install it may not be necessary but i usually spray VERY lightly with dullcote or matte spray, then when fully dry i add some weathering chalks for a more aged look. you can also cut pieces to fit a customized area or one of your own design. 

btw, on streetlights if you don’t mind the cost, mth ones are certainly fine. otherwise, if you need more than a couple. you can easily get them on ebay from the china suppliers (assuming anyone wants to order something from china right now). those guys have traffic lights, street lights, leds, etc of all types. very inexpensive and so far, seem to work well. i’m pretty sure one of them has relocated to california for faster, safer delivery (can’t recall the sellers name offhand). 

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