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I was briefly looking through both the MTH User Guide and The DCS Companion (3rd) edition last night and was unable to find a definitive answer- when adding a new engine via the remote - is it necessary to ensure the engine to be added is the only engine on the track?  I thought that was a requirement - and have always added engines that way - curious as to if that is an actual requirement or suggestion/best practice?  I thought I also recall that when adding through the DCS app / WIU it was not necessary to ensure the engine being added was the only engine on the track?

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Whenever I add an engine I do so with only that one engine on the track.  Yes, it takes a few minutes to get all the other engines off the track, (up to 8) but I find it to be a good idea to do so.  I also remove any caboose I have on the tracks.  For some unknown reason Atlas caboose seem to also impact my ability to add a DCS engine.  

I find it easier to add DCS engines on the WIU than on the remote.  I have basically stopped using the remote with the advent of the wi-fi app.  It's great.

I'm sure some will think I am foolish, but I know this, it works, and that's all I care about.


You will pretty much be guaranteed not to have any issues with other engines if it is the only one on the track, but it's not mandatory.

If you have a way to cut power to sections of track where the existing DCS engines are that would be ideal.

I have added single engines while others were on powered track and running.  Every once in awhile I'd get a hiccup, like a double find.  But not often enough that it would make me take 8 engines off the layout.


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