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Excuse me if this was answered before but I couldn't find it.

I have a 048 circle of Fastrak using Lionel's 72 watt brick. I want to run a Railking engine (by itself) using the most economical means. I see the DCS Remote Commander Set #50-1033 and DCS Explorer Wifi Track Interface Unit #50-1035 (using the MTH App). I just want to control speed, volume and turn smoke on and off?  Wii the Commander Set do what I want?. Are there any connection issues between the brick, Interface Units and track?



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The remote commander acts like a one channel DCS set up and will give you control for the basic of a PS-2 or 3 MTH engine.  Can run on fast track.  The explore wifi set is a different thing and not as economical as the Remote CDR.  You can search MTH website and read the instructions on the various systems to get a better appreciation. G

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