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Yes they are.  However, I purchased what was advertised as the MRC Diesel AC Sounder Item 0001815 ALCo244/SD60/SD70/EMD567B from Trainz.  What was delivered was Item 0001815B (v2.27.18) EMD645 & EMD645E.  It's okay as I have a few more EMD locos to do...but I have 6 ALCO's to do.  I have already spoken to Trainz about the issue and they are checking with their distributor on what they really have.

In the mean time, if there is anyone with some expertise with the MRC boards that could help...or if there is a source for the ALCO boards, I would be very interested.



E. Weesies posted:

I think there is a battery replacement if you dont care to have a plain 9 volt.  The railsounds needs either one to prevent sound from cutting out on direction changes.

The true blast plus doesnt have this and the sound will drop out with direction changes.  

Could you put a capacitor circuit with a diode to keep the sound board powered during direction changes?

Don't the MRC boards lack a decent volume?  Has this been corrected?

I've been more satisfied with Williams Alco or EMD boards.  I've used them on both a Williams and a Weaver engine.

What I've used for a speaker is:  89-6040 Original New Samsung 45G01BFA 1.875-Inch 8 Ohm 2 Watt Mini Speaker on the bay

It has a great base sound especially when baffled.  I was able to use the center of a toilet paper roll (oh my god-where do I find that!?).  I then covered the cut down TP center with some cardstock.  Great sound.

Easy connect to track power.  On the Williams I just plug it in to the boards sound pins.


Alan is correct about low volume with MRC. I also used a TP baffle and it does help. I have my original MRC instruction sheet. It tells how to set board to different prime mover sounds as well as a variety of horns, {with out the remote}. Just using a transformer with horn and bell controls. However the remote makes it easier. They are all quite different. Alco 244 is the first one listed available. I can't get my scanner to work, but I'll be glad to mail you a copy if you want. Let me know.



Thank you for the offer of the instruction sheet.  I have it already.  What I don't have however, is the boards that have the ALCO sounds.

What was advertised is not what was shipped.   Unless you are saying the #001815B is the same as the #001815.  If that is true, then my issue is resolved.

Is there someone from MRC on this board that can help please?


Today, I addedsound boards to my MOPAC GP-7 and my MOPAC BL-2 AA pair.

I have 3 more EMD boards to use, then I'll need to shop for 5 ALCO FA boards.

I really like being able to do this.  I have such a fear of electrical and electronics work.  I made my way through shop class by doing the blueprint drawings for the guys in class....I couldn't cut straight to save my life.

I did end up making baffles for the speakers from paper towel rolls.  Works pretty good!

5 more done today.  A Williams Santa Fe F3 in Yellow-Bonnet, Williams MOPAC BL-2 MU set, Custom MOPAC (jenks blue) GP-7, Lionel Santa Fe F3 blue ()yellow whiskers) and a K-Line MOPAC SW3.

Next up are 5 K-Line FA in MKT (Texas Special), MOPAC Eagle, MOPAC (jenks blue), MOPAC (KMT re-engined for AC) and a US ARMY Freight.

Finding the ALCO sound boards was a good find!



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If you don't use a Williams reverse unit with the True Blast Plus sound units be sure to wire the black wire to positive and red wire to the ground or the bell button will blow the horn and the horn button will ring the bell. I'm waiting for Bachmann to release the GG1 Boards for my seven scale GG1s.

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