I'm almost finished with my first Korber model. For this one I have added woodland scenic's  Just-Plug lighting and the welders with the Evan Designs welders lighting kit. My next project is the Korber 306 2 stall diesel shed with extension. It is the only Korber shed that will fit my layout but it has no windows. I ordered Korber windows but want to know the best method of cutting the Korber models to add those windows.



Thanks for your help.


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Best done before assembly, but....

Mark your window openings on the walls.

Drill a 3/16" hole inside each corner.

Get yourself a set of these blades which fit any knife holder for a standard #11 blade...saw blade link..., and which come in three different t.p.i.'s (teeth per inch).  They cut on the pull stroke, which, as the Japanese learned hundreds of years ago, improves control of the blade during cutting.  Can't tell you how often I use these in hobby work.....indispensable, IMHO.

Clean up the corners and sides with files.



Thanks KD. I'm not going to modify the completed model. I've ordered the Diesel Shed and was thinking about how I can cut in windows in the unfinished model. I emailed Korber and they are willing to make the cuts for me so that may be a better option and would allow me to use their arched windows instead. Just waiting for pricing.

This would be the best way - unless the formula has changed Korber walls are brittle and are prone to cracking when one works on them. I have drilled into walls and always cut down walls on a table saw but I have never cut a hole out in the wall. I agree with KD - the razor saw is probably the best way to go.

Joe Fauty

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