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Hey Guys,

I am assembling a building from some small left-over wood pieces I have, and unfortunately the wood is painted on both sides with a good acrylic paint.

Is there any bottled, spreadable, adhesive that I can use to hold two of these pieces together?  The wood is light and will not be subjected to a lot of stress, but I don't want it to slowly come apart over time.  I know that water- based glue is out, but what about the "hold anything together" type glues? 

Thanks for any advice.


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E6000 has been a "go-to" glue for me. I used it for trains and other modeling (including Radio Control models)  It seems to stick to everything, remains somewhat flexible, and after it is dry it can be trimmed, sanded, and painted itself. One tip: E6000 will cure in about a half hour, but give it at least 24 hours to dry more completely. The advantage is that CA glues have no strength except in one direction. A chemist explained to me that because CA glues dry so quickly, they create uni-directional bonds so they snap off with just a little bit of sideways force to the joint. E6000 dries slowly and forms bonds in all directions.

More aggressive Hardware adhesives.  White glue, is a common craft glue, with excellent clean-up/limited bond. A step up would be (Titebond), a yellow wood glue, that requires some clean-up.  I found that, some of the extensive wood model builds, that required Pre-painting larger wall/roof panels, also required, bond surface prep, (paint removal from the bond area, before glue was applied. Even some of the sticky-backed shingles were temperamental.  On the 1 X 1 home modeling, (Example kitchen floor vinyl/sticky back, peel and stick, material, required a pre-paint of luan/plywood floor before application), Apparently the floor will pull the adhesive from the floor tile.  One of those read all instructions before proceeding. Have fun, Mike CT.

Recently did an extensive overhaul of a 1ft to 1" doll house that I had been assembled, 20 years ago.  The sweet young lady, the house was built for, now 22, gave the house to (3), three, much younger, cousins.  The roof shingles were applied with contact cement. Age, heat, lack of humidity, the shingles needed re-applied, and re-painted/stained.  Contact adhesives, are designed, to be applied, to both surfaces, let dry /set, and then position, and stick the small shingles in place. The (second), more liberal application, of contact adhesive, was masked-over by an application of  acrylic wood trim stain.

The doll House, which had found a home, Philadelphia, PA, for 20 years, is now in Illinois.  At 74, I probably won't be around for the next remodel. Mike CT.

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