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Well I finally did it..... today I upgraded and installed the Wi-Fi control. I thought I would share some lessons.

This whole experience took 7-8 hours. Here are the troubling areas.

The first is software. To purchase the app your Ipad needs software that will allow you to access the Icloud store. My operating system was old and needed upgrading. This upgrade took 5 hours, with 3 hours of Apple support.

To operate Wi-Fi your Handheld/TIU needs to be operating V5 or higher. The Handheld/Tiu I was using was v4.2. A while back I purchased a backup system, that came loaded with v6.0. So I swapped out the old for the new. I thought this would be simple to unscrew/attach 4 wires on the input side and 6 I have on the output side. I worked slow and methodical, working right to left and only changing one wire at a time. somehow messing up a wire or 2 on the output side. I finally got things straight but this took 2 hours spread across several sessions.

Then I added the Wi-Fi and in short order I had that running. It seems to work fine, but I quickly discovered with the basic  software only 3 engines are allowed. So the next order of business was to purchase the premium version. There were two issues here: your Ipad has to be taken off the MTH Wi-Fi and switched back your normal home Wi-Fi or you will not be able to access the internet. Secondly, you will need your Icloud password for the purchase. I only remembered it because of the issues I had upgrading the Ipad software.

So now I have the Wi-Fi option available. 

Another thing you will have to do is reload all your engines, switch ID and accessory ID's. Not really looking forward to this, but at least I am current. This was way more work than I anticipated.


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....This was way more work than I anticipated.


When this is over and you look back, you may realize (like you don't already ) that most of your time was spent working on things that were out of date. I hate to tell you this right now, but I would strongly suggest updating the DCS system to 6.1! (all of it!)

 Swapping wires should have been easy but we all have made mistakes like this at one time or another. Clear and proper labeling helps immensely.

 Anyways if you had equipment that was already up to date, things should have been much easier. So that's just added to your frustration here. Once the system is up and running smoothly, you may forget about this day. (maybe not?)

I feel your pain, .... believe it or not. I've had things go south for many reasons. There have been software releases that have done things that others claimed shouldn't have happened. Things got fixed and we moved forward.


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