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I have 10 Weaver box cars that I want to custom paint and letter.  I want to make a custom box car for each of my grandchildren.  I have never done this before and need some advice.  Can I disassemble them and spay them with a can of spray paint? I there any particular kind of paint I should be using?

Where is a good place to buy the paint?  Where can I get Lettering and Numbering for the cars?

I appreciate any help with this.



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Depending on the age of the grand children, their schools may have decals or signs in the book store which could be used to personalize their car. St. John Jesuit High School in Ohio has a sheet of logos and signs in their book store.  School colors of blue and gold are used on this Weaver reefer.

John in Lansing, Illinois


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I would assume that plastic is plastic when it comes to rolling stock. I also have to assume it isn't necessarily the paint, but the technique of the painter. 

I once knew an auto fella that could restore enamel car emblems for vehicles from the 30's using nothing more than Testors model paint and cardboard match sticks as an applicator. He would clear coat, and you would think it costs thousands of dollars to complete...

Tom E posted:

was it a coincidence that the original poster and rattler both used weaver boxcars ? Are weaver boxcars easier to paint? I am looking to do a similar project for an easter train.  Keep us posted!

They are the scale the Scale of my engine and they were easy to find and reasonably priced.

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