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Firstly, I run Legacy and know nothing about DCS (except how to spell it )  I do have some Proto Sound locomotives from MTH and run them in conventional mode without issue (usually).

I unpacked a new Christmas locomotive (30-20974-1) to test it this morning and the rear coupler is in the ‘open’ position and will not stay closed.  I can push it closed but it pops open.  Whatever is supposed to keep closed appears to be broken.  I tested it in conventional control, as I do not have DCS and could not fire the coupler with the sequence of transformer controls.  I DID get the PA announcements to work and the front coupler to fire, so I must be doing something right,  but nothing on the rear coupler.  If there is something I am missing, I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

I have contacted the dealer to exchange it but I was hoping my ignorance of DCS caused me to miss an easy fix.  Any thoughts?  I could really use the locomotive tonight at a Christmas function !!!

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Hi when you try to lock the coupler is your engine powered up if not the coupler is defective, and you need a new one! there not that expensive! Is it a ps 3 locomotive? you could contact MTH, and they possibly would send you a new coupler! you could contact stockyard express could fix it for you there from Ohio!

here is the coupler part number but is not in stock maybe call mth and they'll have a substitute part number!


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Excuse me but is it possible that like the cars, the mechanism might just need proper alignment? I know the cars sometimes, although it is a manual tab, come misaligned and you have to move that little tab over so a pin will go into the coupler hole. Do the electronic couplers have something like that on them? I did not check hence my asking.

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