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Hey All,

I have an O gauge Flyer 3190 engine with the die cast valve gear and rods that has one side completely missing.  I looked on Henning's website, and they have the valve gear link (AO-3180), the Valve gear link rod (AO-3181) and the Connecting Rod (AO-3182) that I think will work.  Does anyone know where I can get the main rod?  I emailed Trickel Cast Parts, but have not heard back and I think they're out of business.  I only need one complete side, but figure I'll order new parts for both sides since I want them to match.

Also do not know the screw sizes or part numbers for the connecting rod and valve gear link.


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The main rod for the 3190 was originally die-cast (based on the originals in my collection).  I believe the only reproductions of this rod were done by Trickel Parts.  As far as Trickel Parts go, last I heard (c. 11/2020) David Trickel had Stage IV Cancer and was trying to sell the business.  Never heard any more than that.

Good luck in finding parts, as I don't believe anyone is making that part at the present time.


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