Please excuse me but here are some stupid questions.

I’ve been trying to hook up an AF 695 Reverse Loop Relay with little success.

I’ve tested it and the plunger does move in and out correctly when hooked directly to the transfo.

Then, when connected to the loop carefully following instructions, I thought the relay would flip the switch by itself when the loco goes around the loop: alas, it does not.

Am I completely wrong here ?

Or, do I have, in addition, to connect the remote switch control (I suppose it could a manual control) and flip the switch when the loco enters the loop ?

Thank you.

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Thank you for the plan. I have already used it to connect my 695.

Still, one question: do I have to also connect the remote switch, in addition to the 695 ?

And another question: should the 695 automatically trip the switch when the loco passes through and changes the polarity in the track, or do I have to trip the switch manually ?

Please excuse my ignorance on this...

Thanks again.

The switch will have to be changed when the last car clears the switch.  A separate track detector could be setup to detect the last car or the switch machine just be throw by manual operation the normal electric switch control button. AF switches are not normally non-derailing like most lionel 3 rail switches.  The 695 changes the polarity of the loop track to that of the current switch direction. The 695 has no way to detect occupation of the loop track, It is just a relay for track power switching. Hope this helps.

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