AF DCC Questions

One problem fixed. I set up my nce power cab system and it programmed the brake sound successfully. Digitrax failed again. 

However I dont know what to do about the sound volume on the one loco.
Also I have the blinking cab light off and on because of low current and voltage going to 10v in the track if I run two locos at once. Wiiring, and Digitrax probably contributing. Will set up my power pro system and see if that puts more power on the track. Some people say just to cut the wire in the cab.
Will probably rip out the Digitrax and put in Nce with boosters out in the power districts to shorten wire runs instead of in a central location.

A thought about the sound: It may be able to be reset by someone with a Legacy system.  Don't know for sure, just a theory.  Or maybe the speaker is bad.

I would guess the Lionel electronics are somewhat of a power hog.  I've been able to run and program three of these things in consist with no problems with my MRC Prodigy 2 system and 10 amp booster.


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