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Hi everyone I am in the process of restoring a AF 3116  O gauge that I picked up at a show for close to nothing. I really don't have much knowledge of the motors . There is something mounted on the back end that I am assuming functions as a direction changer but I can't find any info on it. If anyone knows where I can find out how to wire it and how it works I would be grateful. I'm sorry the pictures are terrible but it is the thing with the contacts. One wire goes to a brush from the one contact. I think the other brush must go to another contact and one wire to the field coil.


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Here are two photos of what the unit should look like.

Unfortunately, your motor, which look like this

Is missing the outer casing and the reverse bar.

The bar is designed to catch a track mounted trip on the side of the track and move to the opposite direction, triggering the reverse mechanism.  What it basically does is move the outer bars away from the center connection, which provides power.  So whichever bar touches the center bar, has power and feeds to one side of the armature.

Nobody reproduces these parts, so you either have to find a junker or remove the reverse unit entirely.

I believe that each wire at the top goes to either side of the armature, but I would have to double check.

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In removing the reverse unit, you want to make the wire that comes out of the field, and goes to the center post of the reverse unit, go to one set of the brushes.  The other set of brushes should just be grounded to the frame of the motor, which will complete the circuit and allow the engine to run. 

The reverse unit essentially provided power to one set of brushes and grounded the other side to the frame. 


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