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As I work on my goal of getting all my non running locos running I have been pulling

various things out of boxes. This is a motor that I believe is from an aluminum Zephyr

from the late 20's/early 30's.  In the first pic you can see the reversing unit which mechanical.

You can use the move the lever at the bottom to change direction.

The unit is supposed to also operate automatically thru some levers and bell cranks, some how

actuated by the magnetism in the field. As you can see, I put this aside for some (obvious) reason.


IMG_20191207_221946IMG_20191207_222033IMG_20191207_222051IMG_20191207_222117IMG_20191207_222223IMG_20191207_222001I have two issues here, one is the 

wiring. My first thought is to just wire things to where they logically appear to go and see

what happens. This leaves me with two loose wires, one which I think is the headlight. 

The other may be for a light in the baggage compartment?

The other issue is how does the auto reverse work?

Thanks, John





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