Over several decades, I have purchased many fine MTH reproductions, but I usually chose the traditional liveries, although there were color shade variations with many of those. The Lionel Classics, Tinplate Traditions, and the Lionel Corporation Tinplate lines allowed me to own new and shiny replicas at a fraction of the cost of originals. Being sub-clinical OCD, I am not a "patina" person. I am also not a restorer, yet there are many who enjoy that aspect of the hobby. It is a large tent afterall.  ☺

vita sine litteris mors est  (Seneca)

I guess I need to read more closely.    So, MTH chose to make a reproduction of something that never existed...

I actually find that I can buy AF wide gauge freight originals for less than MTH new, except for the engines, which I prefer to have an MTH 'fantasy' reproduction that runs flawlessly. 


The original was produced with grey flex trucks only.  The orange paint was not employed until 1928 in wide gauge... after the black trucks stopped being used.  MTH has made many "fantasy" themed pieces.... not my thing generally... but... like Art says..."its a big tent"!!!

Prewar Tin...Any maker, any gauge, anytime!

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