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I haven't had time to work on much lately but I did just finish a few pieces. 

The 2 cabooses below are from junk parts I acquired over a period of time. The last thing I need is a B&M Wide Gauge Caboose but .....


It's not quite complete, I'll be adding doors and screens on the end windows.

The second caboose is just a generic green that isn't complete as I can't find the last few parts, marker light bezels and a cupola/ roof.  I'm thinking of selling this one as is or maybe someone will see this post and have the parts i need.


The last couple of things I've finished are An AF coach and some crossing signs. I have another AF coach I'm working on but I need one set of brass stair before I can reassemble it and I can't find those either.


Eventually I'll have these crossing signs in all different colors, I just need to find a few more.


American Flyer Wide Gauge seems to be becoming difficult to find, I've been looking for a box car for a while and can't seem to find a reasonably priced one that would be good for a repaint.


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