AFL #21168 E&T

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Our next auction will be of interest to folks modeling in the late 1800's thru the 1930's. We are up grading an AFL #21168 engine & tender. As you already know the #21168 was only produced for one year (1961) due to the extra options it has such as a smoke & chuff unit.
     We are taking our #21168 to even greater heights with LED's and a can motor with a DALLEE reversing unit plus much, much more.
     Don't miss this one as we will probably never do another one of these for auction.

Our next auction will be held at our web site at:


11:30 AM  (EST)



Item To Be Auctioned:

#Up graded AFL #21168


$295.00  USD

Opening Bid:

$75.00 USD





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