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banjoflyer posted:

The 2016 Lionel Vol 2 catalog is now online:

There aren't any S gauge items in it as it's strictly O scale.

However, there was one page that caught my eye.
Looks like Lionel is reaching back in time and re-purposing the 793 American Flyer Union Station as a newly revamped school kit as shown on page 124. The angled architecture is neat: 
You have to assemble and decorate it yourself. That brings back memories of Plasticville kits and the like. At $60.00 it's not too bad a price for someone who was/is contemplating revamping an existing Union Station for another purpose.
Oh well, like they always say...
"Ain't nothin' new under the sun!"
PS I don't think the flag is included��


   Thank you for posting This I would never looked in the new O gauge catalog. This is a real surprise to me since it looks much like the American Flyer Talking Station or Union Station.. I am really tempted to buy one at that price. How much was the remake of the AF Union Station? I rest my case.


I have a talking station converted to a factory because the roof and section with the doors was missing and the greenish clear vinyl windows really reminded me of the older buildings converted to industry around Detroit.. I only added a roof and that will pops right out. The timer works great, and record is nice, but no needle and horn assembly. I stop the train at a mine anyhow

  1. Maybe Ill end up with a huge station after all.?????

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