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I just installed Airwire in my Williams K4 3 rail engine. I use rectified track power and the G3 decoder powers the engine fine, but the sound cuts out below throttle level 3, and I can't get the chuff sound to work. Airwire says to connect only the red and black wires from the tsunami to the G3 and that was what I did. Any ideas what's wrong with the chuff?


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In another post you mentioned that you're using a Tsunami 2. That decoders chuff feature works off the motors BEMF. Without the Tsunami actually driving the motor it doesn't know that it's moving. The Airwire G3 is better suited for use with the Phoenix type soundcard. With a Tsunami decoder your better off using one the Airwire Cnvrtr boards as those are nothing more than a radio receiver and mini DCC command booster. 



C. Jones

I am considering buying the Phoenix 1361 sound for that.

As for the tsunami, I discovered, in the troubleshooting section of Soundtraxx web site that you can get the chuff to play by disabling cv 217. It isn't easy to synch up the chuff this way with the driver motion, however, so I think I  will move the tsunami to my camelback and use it with the converter, and purchase the Phoenix 1361 for my K4.

But thanks for remembering my other post. I was considering switching to Phoenix and now I will.

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