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A bit of a long shot here, but wondering if anyone on here might have one of the above they don't need, or might know of anyone (dealer or individual) who might have one for sale. I had bid on one listed in eBay earlier this week but got outbid at the last minute by $2.50. 😡

Unpainted/undecorated is fine (indeed, preferable), and I believe there may have been both a "full coach" version and a combine version, based on pictures I've seen.

As I said, a long shot, but don't ask, you don't get.


Kyle Evans

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Simon, thanks for the suggestion: had forgotten that avenue.

Jefferson, thanks for the "heads up" on the eBay item. This must have just been listed within the last day or so, as I had been searching for another one ever since I lost the bidding war on the previous one earlier this week. I've bid on this one, and unless it goes to ridiculous amounts, I'll ride it to the end.

Sincere thanks to you both for your responses and information.

colorado hirailer posted:

I just discovered a large source for O scale decals, (unknown to me), "", that has decals for both those ATSF cabooses, the rider car and combine caboose, so there must be a few out there.

Thanks for the heads up. By the way, the drover cars were painted in several "odd" shades of "mineral brown" which were a little more red (almost like the "Q" PS4427 covered hoppers Atlas released a few years ago. The Floquil paint mix I got from a tip some time ago is:

3 parts caboose red; 2 parts Tuscan red; 1 part reefer yellow.

I've seen photos of the cars with black roofs and with the roof matching the body. Probably depends on what time in the car's life the photo was taken.

Thanks to all who responded, both on and off list. As it turns out, "third time's a charm" and I was successful in my bid. Special thanks to Matt Jackson for the timely tip on auctionstealer; Jim Read for a link to a back-up source for a drovers coach; Jefferson for the original "heads-up" that another one was listed on eBay; and Jeff MacDonald for pictures of a ATSF coach he had painted.   

Thanks to you all, the citizens along my line will be able to travel in a level of slightly less discomfort than before.

Kyle Evans

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