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While replacing an e-unit drum I noticed corrosion on the frame where an insulated wire contacted it (see pictures). No break in the insulation, it just appears to be reacting with the frame.

Anyone seen this before? I don’t think that wire is original (can’t quite read the label but it looks like “temflee”). I’ll probably just replace the wire, but want to make sure there isn’t a different problem here that I need to address.87A6E255-825F-47D9-A451-441D694D2F986C5F5BEA-3C12-41F5-8277-FF5FEC3CD737


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It sure looked like battery corrosion to me too. However, that engine has been stored without the battery for 25 years in a climate controlled, low humidity space. The inside of the battery chamber shows no signs of corrosion.

Upon further inspection I noticed crystals/corrosion all along the insulation of that wire, even in areas where it did not touch metal. I don't want to simply replace it with a modern day wire only to have the same problem again, so I am getting some cloth wrapped 20/22awg solid wire to use.

It is probably no big deal, but I just don't like fixing symptoms (replace the wire) without knowing what the real problem is (and will it continue or get worse?).

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