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E03DEE07-68A2-4412-9824-3005C9BEA127C6FCFCB1-AA95-41FC-BE2B-CA6D00AB5CC29AFB1259-19ED-4CEF-9340-6A01F241493DA97540E9-5FA7-4FF6-9B34-FC843DF0BCFD7A534C4D-0FA6-4379-AD41-CE003677A7076248414D-78E6-463B-B03E-4CDEF25B36A7Well, found a partial lol…  needs everything but it was kinda cheap. I feel like I see less Atlantics than ten wheelers.

so far just assessing things and will start looking for parts later. Polished the axles and crankpins so it will spn now lol. The rims are moving off the centers so not sure if they are swelling or not. I have some castings that might fit if these are done.


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@mwb posted:

If you get to the March Meet, you'll stand a good chance of finding the missing parts there.

I hope to get there although I am taking two kids to a concert down Bloomington way Friday night and the wife is saying she is  doing the mini in Indy on Sat so it's going to be interesting.  Last 3 years last minute work trips have prevented me from going and I was really hoping to make it there this year!

@Jay C posted:

Says it's Tenshodo but it's the same as yours and is not an import.

Worth the price?  Not my call.


Agreed...the dead give away (in my opinion anyway) is the lead truck: All Nation/ Varney for sure, what with those double springs, etc.

From one of my Ten Wheelers...

all nation truck

Mark in Oregon


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  • all nation truck

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