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Since it didnt sell on fleabay, figured I would see what I could do with my AN NW2.  I had never ran the old girl, just took out of the box and put her on the shelf.  Well, she needs an upper chain sproket.  The upper and lower delrin chain sprokets are split on one truck.  So I get slippage and chain picking noises from it.  First can the lower sprocket be replaced and does anybody have a spare set they will let go of?  I would like to keep both trucks powered.  Also, how much slack should there be in the chain in the AN chain drive set up?  She ran well otherwise, very quiet and smooth despite the issues in the drive line.  I tried taking one link out of the rear truck's chain, but it wont quite close back up.  Still has more slack than I like but it runs smoothly on that truck.  Thanks   Mike

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you have a couple options for getting sprockets. Pat at P&D Hobby has them in a couple sizes. However Sterling Instruments (Stock Drive Components) has them in nearly an infinite number of sizes. The SI-SDC sprockets are of better quality as they are machined delrin vs. cast delrin pieces.

I've used the SI sprockets in a couple engines to change the gear ratio. I suggest you change out all the sprockets to avoid future splitting of the older ones still in use.

As for chain slack, there should be only a small amount of play when you press the chain midway between the sprockets. Too much and you risk it jumping off, to little and you'll wear the components out.

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Ok, send my your address in an email and I will get the trucks torn down to the parts you need.  Was gonna repaint the unit anyways, good time while its down.  Need to get an air horn and bell for it to.  If anybody here is interested in a pair of AN F units, please let me know.  The NW2 is big enough for my small layout, would like to get a couple more.  Atleast one more powered(both trucks) and a unpowered.  Also looking for a couple of the Prime Stratolight beacon detail parts.    Mike

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